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Enjoy all the benefits of Cool, Dry, Rejuvenating Sleep

Experience a whole new level of extraordinary coolness combines with invigo rating sleep. Superior airflow ensures cloud like comfort throughout the night. All of that unwanted moisture and annoying discomfort literally evaporates into thin air as you sleep more soundly. Prepare yourself just how luxurious sleep can be on most advanced gel memory surface in the world.

Innovative cool gel technology transfers heat away from your body, delivering maximum relief and unprecedented sleeping pleasure. Awaken invigorated from the healthy, uninterrupted rest you desire and deserve.


1Luxurious 4-Way Stretch Cover with Advanced Cooling Properties
Advanced finish to fiber technology combines and creates a comfortable, cool and fast drying sleep surface, keeping you cool and refreshed through the night.
Optimum Wicking and Capillary Effects
High Functionality and Antistatic Properties
Constant Moisture Transport Away from the Skin
23″ Cool Bliss GEL 4.0lb Memory Foam
Patented gel technology dissipates body heat much faster than competitor’s foam
Greater pressure relief promoting reduced tossing and turning for deeper, sound sleep
Highly breathable – rapidly channels heat away from the body
Greater compression brings greater support resulting in superior comfort without the traditional memory foam “bottom-out” under heavy loads.
Great pressure relief and comfort through a wide range of temperatures resulting in uniform comfort in both cool and warm environments.
Hypoallergenic& emits no chemical odors
Longer lifespan than average memory foam
32″ High Density 2.5lb Air Flow Layer
Built-in internal ventilation for channeling heat away from the body
Maximizes air flow, creating necessary air circulation throughout you mattress
Ensures your mattress maintains a cool, comfortable temperature
45″ High Density 2.5lb Supportive Mattress Core
Higher density polyurethane than the industry average; prevents sagging
Evenly distributes support for the life of your mattress
Rebounds quickly, promoting good sleeping posture
More durability than a lower density memory foam support core
Proper open-cell formulation dissipates heat
Compatible with an adjustable bed foundation
5Sturdy 8″ Orthopedic Foundation (Replaces Box Spring)
Constructed of sturdy wood (no particle board) for maximum support
Covered with an attractive heavy-duty fabric
Heat treated – 100% chemical free
Easily assembled in minutes
Euro-slatted design provides greater breathability for your mattress
Proper support to ensure your mattress lasts a lifetime
Heavy Duty design can support up to 600 lbs. of weight
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